9/1 Meeting Minutes
Minutes for 9/1 SUITE Meeting
When: Wednesday 9/1 @ 8:30pm
Where: SEAT Center
  1. Went over the Agenda for the meeting
  2. Overview of SUITE
  3. When SUITE meetings are held
  4. Second Wednesday of every month @ 8:30pm
  5. Meetings held once a month
  6. Where: SEAT Center (Fairchild 324)
  7. Open positions right now
  8. Vice President Chair
  9. Webmaster Chair (board appointed position)
  10. Went over the qualifications for each (see powerpoint from meeting for more information)
  11. Ideas of what you would like do with SUITE?
  12. Smartboard
  13. Ideas that we have for future meetings and events
  14. Smartboard
  15. QR codes
  16. Boardmaker
  17. GeoCaching
  18. Social networking ( how to integrate into classroom)
  19. Voice over IP (aka skype)
  20. Membership Dues
  21. Dues at first meeting $3 for a whole year
  22. Buy one, get one free
  23. One night only offer
  24. Regular dues after first meeting:
  25. $3 for one semester
  26. $5 for a whole year
  27. Activity: QR Codes
  28. Learned how to use QR codes
  29. How to read what codes say on your phone
  30. Next Meeting will be learning how to make our own QR codes!
  31. Events Coming Up
  32. SED Share Fair
  33. When: Friday, September 17 @ 1-3pm
  34. Where: Brown Ballroom, Bone Student Cener
  35. Come visit us at the share fair to learn about SUITE
  36. ATIA
  37. When: Friday October 29--All day
  38. Event held to see the latest technology being used in the classroom
  39. Kayla Richardson gave a testimonial on her great experience there
  40. SUITE is putting together a carpool to see the Exhibition hall
  41. T21CON:
  42. When: Tuesday, November 16 @9am-3pm
  43. Where: Brown Ballroom, Bone Student Center
  44. Who: All teacher education majors for free!
  45. Sponsored by SUITE
  46. Visit t21con.ilstu.edu for more information
  47. Visit our website and Facebook group to learn more about SUITE!
  48. Website: http://suite.wikispaces.com/
  49. Facebook: Students Using and Integrating Technology with Education (SUITE)
  51. When: October 13 Wednesday @8:30pm
  52. Where: SEAT Center (Fairchild 324)
  53. Bring a friend along!

Check out our Powerpoint from the first meeting!